B & B Homes: Redefining the Home Buying Experience

Throughout B & B Homes’ 6-year history, they’ve won countless awards, including the LBA Builder of the Year Award twice.

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Allison M. Ramírez | 10/06/2016


In today’s world, building a house that exceeds your expectations can be quite the challenge. The great minds behind B & B Homes are aware of this fact and have made great strides to ensure that living in the home of your dreams becomes a reality.


General manager of B & B Homes, Tommy Brittingham Jr., commented, “We believe in giving our customers the best product out there. We work with all kinds of budgets, styles and tastes as well.”


In 2010, Brittingham, along with the help of his wife, Cristel, started B & B Homes, a local general contractor that builds custom homes. Throughout the last 6 years, they have managed to revolutionize the home buying experience in Laredo with the help of their excellent and extremely talented team.


While his wife manages the design and interior aspects of construction, Brittingham also works with in-house architects, a construction supervisor and an esteemed sales team. “Together,” mentioned Brittingham, “we have a wealth of knowledge about the custom home building experience.”


In terms of the homes they build, Brittingham emphasized that they like to keep things simple, elegant and functional with trend-driven twists. Of all the homes they’ve constructed, it’s impossible to find two that are identical. As for the actual process of building, B & B Homes starts from the ground up. Their customers tell them exactly what they want and together, they work on their ideas and then the team behind B & B Homes will begin designing and constructing everything themselves with no outside contractors.


As mentioned by Brittingham, “In this business, it’s often advised to refrain from treating the houses like ‘yours,’ but with B & B Homes, we went against that philosophy, and I think that’s what got us where we are today.”


Throughout B & B Homes’ 6-year history, they’ve won countless awards, including the LBA Builder of the Year Award twice. In addition to custom home building, Brittingham’s next project, Palo Fierro, is also perfect for the prospective home owner. Fabricating custom doors and cabinets with high-grade lumber, all products from Palo Fierro and created by skilled carpenters with over 20 years of experience and are made locally in the USA.


More than anything, the team behind B & B Homes is set on continuing to chase their passion and make your home building dreams come true. They are committed to maintaining clear and open communication through the use of interactive technology with all of their customers so that they may provide an unparalleled customer service experience and continue crafting spaces that people are passionate about.

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