Defining your decorating style

There are many different types of home decor styles to fit your personality.

Photos by Alejandra Cantu
By Alejandra Cantu | 10/06/2016


There are many different types of home decor styles to fit your personality. Whether you’re staging your home to sell or you just feel like redecorating, check out this guide to different types of home decor styles from Laredo residents. Let your personality and the things you love help you select the best style for you.


This sophisticated look is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles to create an elegant home. This design is also known as “updated classic.” Furniture has a mix of European classic decor with contemporary colors and furniture. A big bookshelf brings out the classic style.


Modern design has gained popularity in mainstream interior design. The minimalist style focuses on structural and decor simplicity. It uses straightforward furniture and dramatic modern art. The overall look has very little decorations and clean straight lines.

Spanish Colonial

This design reflects Spanish and Mexican Colonial architecture and furnishings. Colonial interiors can be quite elaborate. The decorations include richly colored carpets, Spanish and Mexican art, and warm-colored tiles for floors and bright tiles for the kitchen. This style delivers a warm and elegant atmosphere.

Traditional Classic

Traditional interior design reflects classic European decor. Trademarks of this style include deep wood tones and elegant furniture. This style is quite versatile and can be combined with other styles of decoration to create a unique look in a room. This style delivers a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


The main focus is on balance, not too cold, not too formal. Contemporary style has more decorations and colors than ‘modern’ design, but is cleaner than the ‘traditional’ look. This style has metallic decorations, shiny counters, and patterned curtains to add character. A modern chandelier enhances the traditional furniture by creating a contemporary look.

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