Benefits of Geo Alarm Services and Protection 1: How They Make Home Automation Easier

Location based wireless Home automation provides unprecedented control over your home with smart technology that makes your home a more comfortable place to live and more energy-efficient as well.

The benefits of geo alarm services make protecting and programming your home almost effortless.
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Effortless Usability

One of the main benefits of home automation services is their ease of use. It’s really simple: you go online and create a virtual geo-fence on a map of the area surrounding your home. You can make the area you want the system to recognize as large or small as you wish. The GPS system connected to your smartphone knows when you’re within your home environment. As soon as the system detects your phone leaving or re-entering, the settings activate automatically.

Convenience and Energy Savings

Once your geo system detects your phone entering the geo area, it automatically activates the settings you’ve chosen, including increasing the temperature of the room or turning on the lights. Similarly, when it detects your phone leaving the area, the system will automatically lower the temperature or turn off the lights. Imagine reaching home on a cold day to find that your geo services alarm has already turned the heat on, helping you to feel at home before you enter the door and save energy effortless.

Automatic Reminders

Sometimes you might forget to set your home alarm. Fortunately, you can rely on your wireless automation system for their reminders. If you forget to set the alarm, you will automatically receive a notification. When this happens, just call on another one of the benefits of geo alarm services: your mobile app. Use the app to arm your alarm right after you receive the reminder.

Video Recording Controls

Another one of the benefits of the geo services alarm is their video recording controls. Program the system to record when you’re away, then set it to stop recording when you re-enter the geo fence surrounding your home. Everything within range of the camera is recorded while you are away, with full access from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Set the video control settings any way you like. Customization is another one of the many benefits of the home automation system.

If you already have an automation system set up at home or are thinking about buying one, geo alarm services make it easier to integrate your wireless automation service with your lifestyle. Think of how busy you are and all of the various infrastructure elements inside your home that need turning off, turning on or adjusting multiple times a day. Now consider what it would be like if you didn’t have to pay attention to controlling those elements. This peace of mind is one of the hidden benefits of wireless home automation services.

For more information you can contact Protection 1 at 844-885-1614.

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